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Blockchain Web3 AI Mobile & Web App  

Blockchain Web3 AI Mobile & Web App  

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We build world-class solutions for everyone. Scalable, secure, and optimized.

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Pear Protocol

Built by Developers, Owned by Developers.

Partner with developers who own their products and have deep market, investor, and technical expertise. At Aleh, our transparent and resilient team is dedicated to ensuring your product meets all your requirements. With our extensive experience in Blockchain, AI, and mobile and web applications, we bring a unique blend of skills and commitment to every project.

Specialists in Four Areas.

Specialists in Four Areas.

At Aleh Tech, we focus exclusively on four key domains, ensuring that we deliver unparalleled expertise. By dedicating ourselves to these areas, we guarantee top-tier solutions that meet your precise needs. Our team’s transparency and resilience ensure that every project is handled with the utmost care and proficiency, providing you with results that stand out.


We deliver secure, transparent, & scalable blockchain solutions, specializing in smart contracts, DApps, & blockchain integration.


We develop decentralized web solutions for you, focusing on DApps, DeFi platforms, and blockchain integration.


Using existing AI technologies or building custom specialized solutions tailored to your needs, we have you covered.

Web & Mobile

We create high-quality web and mobile applications, ensuring seamless user experiences and robust performance.

Our Mindset

In April 2023, we founded Aleh Tech with a small but experienced team of developers. We focus on web and mobile development, with strong expertise in Web3 and Blockchain. Our mission is to create market-grade products for our clients and ensure our team enjoys exceptional working conditions and benefits. Our firsthand experience as product owners gives us the insight needed to build products that truly deliver.

professional performance.

15 Core Members
24 Remote Workers
9 Clients
11 Delivered Projects


All-in-one DeFi toolkit; A suite of products that connects protocols and provides the building blocks for creating new DeFi ventures and strategies.


Automated Web3 bookkeeping; Keeper simplifies DeFi portfolio management, allowing you to monitor investments, generate accounting reports, and earn passive income by staking $KPR.

Pear Protocol

Pear Protocol simplifies pair-trading cryptocurrencies with leveraged long and short positions in a single transaction. Integrating various trading engines and a dedicated UI, it ensures deep liquidity and flexible management of margin and leverage.


Fractionalized hardware for developers, featuring predictive algorithms to optimize server usage, making them affordable for extended use.

Predictive Compliance

AI-powered assistance for lawyers and the public, offering detailed arguments and case studies from millions of criminal and civil cases.

LASER | SMX Protocols

Commodity-based protocols enabling futures and perpetual trading.

Our Process

Discovery stage

Our approach in the Discovery stage is client-centric, focusing on comprehending your distinct requirements to craft solutions that propel your business forward.

Development Stage

Throughout the Development stage, we adopt an iterative process, enabling consistent testing and refinement. This approach ensures your product not only meets but exceeds your expectations

Support and Maintenance

Following launch, our commitment continues with enduring support. We address any challenges, update features, and enhance your product to maintain its relevance and effectiveness.

The Tools

We prioritize transparency and seamless operations. By leveraging advanced tools, we enhance our communication and development efforts for the benefit of our team and clients.


For a professional working environment, we use Slack, ensuring every member of our team is available and ready to jump in.


Our favorite, We love to mix development with GIFs and memes. We’re always happy to receive a server invitation or welcome you to join ours.


For fast-paced and anonymous communication, add us on Telegram, and we'll ensure we're always just a text away.

Version Control

For robust version control, we utilize GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, ensuring efficient collaboration and seamless code management.


For effective project management, we use ClickUp, Jira, and Trello, ensuring streamlined workflows and efficient task management to meet deadlines.

Server Side

We employ AWS, DigitalOcean, and Google Cloud, enabling secure and scalable infrastructure for effective server-side management.


Chosen by over 11 premier blockchain protocols, startups, companies, and agencies worldwide.

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The Blog Section.

Our blogs are a mix of in-depth tech talk, the latest industry trends, passionate nerdy discussions, and even a few general rants. We all do this for SEO XD
Work-life balance is about integrating work into life. It’s not about working less, but finding joy in what you do and managing time effectively. Prioritize tasks that align with your strengths and practice gratitude.
Wendy’s is enhancing its drive-thrus with Google’s AI, “FreshAI,” to speed up orders and improve accuracy. The AI chatbot integrates with Wendy’s app and kiosks, handling 86% of orders correctly. Wendy’s now accepts Shiba Inu (SHIB) as payment. Reactions are for mixed for now.

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