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Single stop for all of your Web development needs. Quality standards, EPIC team and Painless management.

Working with brilliantly unique teams

Made by developers,

Owned by developers.

Work with developers who own personal products, and have experience with the market, shareholders, and technicalities. Aleh is just that, a team of transparent and resilient developers – able to shape and control your product to your requirements.

Our Mindset.

We founded Aleh in April of 2023. A tech company with a small team of seasoned developers, specializing in Web and mobile development and excelling in Web3 | Blockchain. While we are not reinventing the wheel, our mindset is to develop market-grade products for the clients and provide exceptional working conditions and benefits to our small yet experienced team. Since almost all the members of our team at one point had owned products we know what it takes to build one.

Our Working.

We try to make the journey from point A to point B awfully simple and transparent. From the very initial requirement gathering call to the final release, we have divided everything into steps so that both you, our client, and our team stay on the same page.

Idea exchange.

Initial call, research, requirements, and documents exchange.

The design.

Brand-book, wireframes & visualizations for your product. 

The making.

Development process consisting of clean, scalable & optimized code.

Release + Support.

Beta to Alpha to final release and continuous maintenance.

*We use Asana, Jira and Click-up to make sure that everyone stays on same page and it goes without saying that all code is version controlled for the best results.  

Development made easy

Blockchain, Web & Mobile applications.

Build great products and smart applications without the hassle of deciding between different teams, finding the right developers, and micro-managing. We are confident in our expertise and the quality of work we provide. Let us handle the whole project cycle.

Blockchain | Web3.

Leverage our expertise when it comes to crafting bespoke blockchain applications, smart contracts, and Web3 integrations. Our developers have mastered both the foundational Layer 1 technologies and the advanced Layer 2 solutions. As blockchain is our major area of expertise, we cover a broad blockchain spectrum, from establishing strong, decentralized networks to implementing efficient off-chain solutions.

Backend development.

Our seasoned backend developers are a cornerstone of our technological prowess. With their years of experience in Python, JavaScript, and Node.js they provide solutions that are both powerful and robust. This blend of technologies enables us to build robust, scalable, and secure back-end infrastructures that are the backbone of our innovative blockchain and Web3 solutions.

Frontend development.

Interface excellence is key. We use JavaScript, React, and React Native to transform complex blockchain and Web3 ideas into user-friendly, visually stunning interfaces. Our developers focus on creating reusable, optimized, and scalable components, ensuring each project is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally robust. This approach results in dynamic, intuitive applications that are perfectly synced with our backend.

UI/UX design.

Figma, Photoshop, and Illustrator are our go-to tools to bring designs to life. our designs always include comprehensive brand books and guides, ensuring a consistent and captivating brand identity across all platforms. Our designs are not just about aesthetics; they are crafted for functionality, user engagement, and ease of use, seamlessly aligning with "Your" visions and objectives.

Humble beginnings

Powered by the Team, Clients & Results.


Team Members


Remote Workers


Brilliant Clients


Delivered Projects

Leveraging Tools

Complete transparency and readily available.

We have tested, trailed, & used different tools before finally settling down. The combination of these tools provides seamless communication between You & the team. Keeping everyone on the same page is our goal & we believe in this tiny perfect circle that we have made.

Development Tools


Editor Permissions to your projects. View the tasks and their status. Edit or create ones as you go. Follow our simple but effective workspaces.


The code base always stays Version-controlled and managed for better readability. We will make sure that your production DB is never deleted 🙂

AWS Services

Development and production server deployments and management. CI/CD implementations from Day 1. No we don’t ask for admin access.

Communication Tools


Join our work servers or invite us over. We love using Discord with laid-back teams and product owners who can’t resist using emojis and soundboards.


Our own professional workspace, always available for clients who want to keep everything managed in one place, easy to find and refer back to.


We respect your privacy and your busy schedule. Shoot us a message or let us create a quick group with the team to engage in quick meetings. 

A small community

Connect, collaborate and Learn more about us.

Join us, and be a part of our team of enthusiastic people. Learn more about them and learn about the Workplace Culture. We are more than a team of developers, we are builders turning your ideas into products.


Catch up on the latest trends & our views. What goes on within the workplace and our new projects.


Meet with us around the globe, on different conferences and general meetups. We are always up for coffee :]