Augmented teams

Get the Right Talent on Board with ALEH

Hire best-suited individuals, a simple plug-and-play model. Not all projects/Products need huge teams, for these specific situations, we offer our most brilliant developers. Work directly with them without adding in any third-party personnel.

Awesome Designers

Top-Notch Developers

The best SQAs

Awesome Designers

Top-Notch Developers

The best

Your personal workforce

Build your team, one expert at a time.

Already providing services to
Pear Protocol
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From being in the stand-ups to becoming a part of your inside jokes. 


Streamline Your Workflow, Maximize Efficiency.


Work on specified units, achieving those tight deadlines.


Maintain the highest standards of quality to deliver flawless products.


Collaborate closely with developers to build visually appealing components.

By the way, we are happy to provide real-time references. {Oh and we won’t be on the otherside of the call :0}

The Working

We start with a simple call or meet-up, gather the information, lay a general foundation, and create a wireframe for the plan.

Requirements are disclosed to the technical department, basically expert developers/designers/QAs. Based on their reviews, based on the complexity, deadlines, scale of the product, and price point, we shortlist the individuals.

We get back with our research, our thoughts, and the shortlisted individuals. We work over the details, gather more information if needed, and if all members of the party are on the same page, we move on otherwise, no harm is done.

We want you to take interviews with the shortlisted members. We are extremely confident in our team’s skills and we want you to be too. Have a general talk with them, and get to know them, the same goes for them.

If everything goes right up to this point, the individual is plugged into your team, we do appreciate a grace period as we believe; the more we know about the product the better we work. With that, we move back, behind the shadows, letting you work directly with the individual.

And we are always here, through and through, for more workforce, for your feedback, to settle up the wrongs, and even for refunds if something goes wrong.

General FAQs

Yes, refunds are a thing with us. We have our own products and we know what goes behind the scenes. If our provided individual messed up or wasn’t up to the set standards, we will jump on the call and settle it up.

You can, the general philosophy is that if the person is that good, he/she deserves all the credits, benefits, and earnings. So if both parties agree, we take our share and bid you a farewell with good luck 🙂

Honestly nothing. With us being a middle party, we only aim to resolve issues between you and the hired individual. We tend to keep everything clean and to the point for both us and the developer and due to us being a company we are able to handle payments easily while providing a stable job for the individual with one of the highest salaries in Pakistan.

That depends on the individual being hired and how do you want to proceed. We work with different clients, some tend to keep a very laid-back environment, i.e. sending gifts to developers and bonuses others strike a very professional work environment, in this case, terms and conditions are under NDA.

We are highly proud of our previous work and if the work isn’t under NDA we will show you our process, what we worked on, and even the quality of our code. When it comes to referrals, our clients are always happy to pick up your call or write back to you through emails. So need one? Just ask.

As mentioned on the homepage, we are not a jack of all trades and master of none; We specialize in;

  • Blockchain
  • Web3 development
  • Mobile and Web Applications
  • And we dwell in Artificial intelligence.


With team augmentation, we provide services such as;

  • Solidity, Rust, JavaScript, React, React Native, Node, Python development, Server side Services along with UI/UX design.
  • We also can jump in and fix the management.
  • We provide QAs with massive experience in the field, both technical and non-technical.