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Experience, Sheer focus, and a User-Centric Approach.

Who We Are

We are a perfect blend of Product Owners and top talents in Product, BlockChain | Web3, Software development, and UI/UX. Our team came together from different backgrounds sharing one AIM; to develop market-grade solutions and leave a long-lasting legacy to be proud of. We want to understand the product before building it and launching a product that we would be proud of. We want to relate with you.

Our Standing as of April 2023

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Pear Protocol
AMP Protocol
Compliant Predictive Analytics

Meet the Founders.

Aleh's founding members came from different technical backgrounds with similar goals. Before working as one force, all three went through their own corporate world journey and gained the much-needed experience. This experience made them and helped them to be lean by nature. Working with different startups also made them empathize. This is why when Aleh builds a product it is built with utmost care and will to succeed in the market.

Sheraz Majeed


One of the very first members of Aleh, Sheraz got extensive experience in Business development and building long-lasting relationships with clients. Since the start of Aleh.tech he’s been involved in helping clients with a broad range of sectors such as ICOs and fundraisers.

Asaad Rauf


Asaad comes from a technical background as a developer. A firm believer in Holacracy. He is the one making sure there is no communication gap between Aleh’s team and the clients. His sheer will to launch every single project perfectly is what makes our development process so tight.

Fasih Haider


Fasih brings the highest technical capabilities to the table; One of the earliest adopters of Blockchain in Pakistan, an actual enthusiast. He is the man behind the technical plan layout of every product. He majorly focuses on research to keep our practices up-to-date and help out the developers.

Top Talent of Pakistan.

At Aleh, our focus isn't on creating the largest workforce; it's about building the best. Our team, though compact, is a powerhouse of tech enthusiasts, each member handpicked for their exceptional skills and contributions. We don't measure their value in years of experience, but in the tangible expertise they bring to the table. What truly sets them apart, however, is their communication skills. They form a cohesive unit that's not just technically proficient but also incredibly easy to work with, ensuring a seamless and effective collaboration.

Ahsan Ihsan

Front-End Team Lead

Abdul Hannan

Back-End Team Lead

Usman Kiani

Front-End Engineer

Saad Raja


Abdul Rafeh

Front-End Engineer

Fateh Alam

SQA Engineer

Mariam Maheen

Digital Marketer

Bilal Akbar

Back-End | AI Engineer

Talha Qureshi

AI | ML Engineer

Wasif Suhail

Dev-Ops Engineer

Ahsan Anwar

UI/UX Designer